The End of So Frosted

Although, I’ve always planned to return to this blog, I know I never will. I still love baking but I love so many other things as well. As a result, I want to post about  them all! So I’ve decided to just add a blog to my personal site. On another note, the photos that accompanied these recipes were taken 8 years ago and the quality was embarrassingly cringeworthy. So I’ve deleted them all! I would like to take new photographs one day, but we’ll see.

Caramel Apple Cheesecake Cupcakes

It’s autumn! Well, maybe not here in Florida… but in other places of the world, and it’s my favorite season! There’s a nice cool breeze outside and the leaves are changing. You can stay with your dogs in the dog park for hours… it’s great! And you need a great dessert to go along with all that. Nothing says fall like cinnamon and nutmeg, so caramel apple cheesecake seemed to be the best dessert to kick off the season!

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Double Chocolate Cupcakes with Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting

In honor of Studio K‘s grand opening in October, I wanted to make a special cupcake for Kristin Weissman. She’s a fan of chocolate so I created a dark chocolate cake with semi-sweet chocolate chips. This also made the cupcake black, matching Studio K’s website and design aesthetic. I wanted to come up with a brown frosting to also match the website, but the best I could do was a beige caramel cream cheese frosting. Regardless of design, this cupcake is sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth!

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Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes

These are one of my personal summertime favorites. It’s such a simple cupcake to make but so satisfying. If you’re looking for the perfect drink to accompany this cupcake, mix together 2 tablespoons frozen orange juice, 1 tablespoon sugar, ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract, and 1 ½ cups soy milk. I got this recipe from A Chica Bakes, modified to be vegan of course, and it is so perfectly yummy!

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Chocolate Toffee Pretzel

I owe this cupcake inspiration to my friend who told me about this super simple dessert where you boil some brown sugar and butter, pour it over a layer of saltine crackers, bake for 10 minutes, then sprinkle on some chocolate chips and bake just long enough to melt the chocolate. Let cool, and you basically have chocolate toffee. I thought saltines might get too soggy for cupcakes, so I decided to use pretzels instead. The little bit of saltiness with each bite is just the perfect amount. Enjoy!

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